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“I was recommended by my attending physician to Ms. Geslin when I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. Her advice was invaluable to me then. She took the necessary time to explain to me how I work and what needed to be improved in my diet and in my relationship to life in general. I changed my eating habits and it helped me to understand and analyze what was happening to me. Currently in remission, I continue to follow her advice and I recommend her to friends or family. This meeting was decisive  and beneficial to tackle this test.
Thanks again." Frédéric

“Following a burnout two years ago, I had to learn how to take care of myself in a sustainable way. The follow-up in naturopathy and reflexology with Sandra was then an essential relay to that of my attending physician.  I found the balance between the two.  Sandra's professionalism but also the human approach (her empathy and kindness) have clearly contributed to my recovery and allow me to continue today to constantly watch over my well-being." Meike

“Very happy with the results obtained. Takes a long time to discuss our health journey, recurring health problems, our lifestyle habits, etc. Lots of talking and listening. I highly recommend this naturopath. » Claudine

"The sessions helped make me aware of better managing my time and my activities.  I really appreciated Hippocrates temperament analysis and drew conclusions from it on my behaviours. And I'm starting to favour the essential more than the accessory." Joel


“Sandra followed my 2 and a half  year old little boy who had major problems with eczema and bronchial hypersensitivity. Sandra is very attentive, ultra benevolent. She advised us on a suitable diet and homeopathy. And my son is doing much better. He hasn't gotten sick anymore and has a lot less eczema. The first session was done at her office then by video for the next one because we live far away. Sandra is very sweet and always available if you have any questions." Carol

“Sandra Geslin is a naturopath whom I highly recommend; she helped me a lot with many problems that I had (among other problems including acidity, stomach pain, respiratory and other...). She is a very kind and attentive professional, who takes the time to identify the problem(s) in order to better suggest rebalancing. She gives good advice and provides support that I find complete. She also does foot reflexology, which is both a moment of relaxation and good for the whole body. Today I feel much better and I have taken on new habits that are beneficial to me; it is largely thanks to her and I thank her for that." Marina.

“After suffering for a number of years from gut problems which restricted my activities in a number of ways, I was advised to see Sandra Geslin-Mackay.  Not only did I find someone who took time to understood my problems, she also had great advice on how to solve them.  The improvement was rapid but this was not a quick fix. eating (and drinking) habits which has now become an eating lifestyle.  Everything Sandra recommended made sense. She took time to explain the complexities and was supportive and caring.  With Sandra you are in the hands of a competent and smart professional and I have recommended her to others. " Maryna

"I have been consulting Sandra regularly for several years, the path traveled together has allowed me to know myself better and understand myself better.  I consulted her recently about my time management. Thanks to her expertise and experience in naturopathy, we have found solutions adapted to my needs and my problems of stress, hyperactivity and fatigue.  She is a passionate practitioner! I particularly appreciate her human qualities, her benevolence and her gentleness.  I highly recommend her. " Jennifer

“I came to consult Sandra to regain my strength during my treatments related to my breast cancer.  I was lost, tired and I didn't know what to eat._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ My treatments finished, I take stock and I am firmly convinced of the complementarity of naturopathy and conventional medicine.  Sandra is very available and our discussions go beyond naturo.   We are in the human. » Anna

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