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Naturopathy for busy people

I have no time

Overwhelmed by lack of time in an accelerating modern world? We are constantly running.  Why? To go where? Some seem to reveal themselves in speed while others suffer from it. Can we think that there is a different time comfort for everyone?  Could this feeling of urgency and acceleration have an impact on our health?  

Lack of time can make us ill

To face the pressure of time and the complexities of life in society today, we mobilise our resources, sometimes to exhaustion. This repeated stress has dramatic repercussions on our health.


Why consult a naturopath?

To improve one's relationship with time and remain serene in our era. Naturopathy offers individualised solutions to give meaning to time, to live well and stay healthy. You will discover them during this consultation.


A path we take together

The path to health will depend on where you are on the road. Each step towards a better balance is progress.

I accompany you for the time necessary by advising you on the simple rules of lifestyle and health hygiene and by fully playing my role as a health educator.

"The sessions helped make me aware of better managing my time and my activities.  I really appreciated the analysis of Hippocrates' temperaments and drew conclusions from it on my behavior And I'm starting to prioritise the essential over the accessory". Joel


. First consultation 70 EUR (1 hour and a half)

. Follow-up consultation 60 EUR (1 hour)

“The question of the life we would like to lead comes down exactly to asking the question of how we want to spend our time....” Hartmut Rosa, acceleration specialist, sociologist and philosopher

"I have been consulting Sandra regularly for several years, the path traveled together has allowed me to know myself better and understand myself better.  I consulted her recently about my time management. Thanks to her expertise and experience in naturopathy, we have found solutions adapted to my needs and to my problems of stress, hyperactivity and fatigue.  She is a passionate practitioner! I particularly appreciate her human qualities, her kindness and her gentleness.  I highly recommend her". Jennifer

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