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Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology

I practice foot reflexology which acts on the body through gentle pressure exerted on the feet. It is also a moment of relaxation.

Both children and adults can benefit from it.

Price: 60 euros

The feet: mirrors of the body

The art of foot reflexology consists in exerting a specific touch on the reflex zones to locate the tensions and the dysfunctions of the body in order to eliminate them and restore balance.

Thus, a specific point on which pressure is exerted will correspond to a specific area of the body. All the organs, glands and other parts of the body  are represented: 72,000 energy channels end in the feet.

Pressure on one part of the foot can have a remote effect on a diseased organ, rebalancing the functions of all the organs of the body.

Foot reflexology shutterstock_1252772152.jpg
The philosophy

Foot reflexology is a natural method which acts upon the internal organs and the mind.

“First take care of yourself and you will be more available for others.” Sandra Geslin

A holistic approach

The human being must establish a physical balance. This also has an impact on psychic balance.  Foot reflexology takes into account the whole being. Body and mind are linked to each other but also to the world around them.

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