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About me

Sandra Geslin Naturopath Portrait Luynes
My mission

I am Sandra Geslin-Mackay. I am a naturopath.


I support you to optimise your health and your overall well-being naturally. 

I have been welcoming clients since 2016 in my office in Luynes near Aix en Provence. I accompany people who would like to find out how to take charge of their health.

I enjoy my job as I love people. I am passionate about how the human body works, health issues and biology.

I spent 20 years in business in various communication professions, which has a common thread with what I do now : facilitation and exchange.


I lived the first half of my life in the UK and the second in France; I'm pretty international. English speakers welcome!


In my role as a health educator, I give conferences in schools, regularly offer workshops around a health theme and I write articles for professional journals.

My training

Initial training as a naturopath


Face-to-face training in a training centre consisting of more than 1000 hours.  Total duration of more than 1640 hours including internships in companies and clinics and research and experimental work: 

  • lifestyle and fundamental principles of vitality

  • nutrition, diet and biochemistry

  • anatomy & physiology and pathophysiology

  • psychology and relaxation

  • phytology, aromatology (essential oils) and Bach Flowers

  • biological assessments

  • iridology

  • food supplements

  • foot reflexology

  • Organic Agriculture

Continuing education


Passionate about my job, I continue to discover, learn, and renew myself:

•    The naturopathic approach to autoimmunity
•    The “Pre & Pro biotic” gut
•    Candidiasis and infections
•    The liver in all its states
•    Movement
•    Nutrition and micro nutrition: for successful longevity
•    Immunological disorders
•    Female and male hormonal balances
•    Endocrine disruptors and fertility
•    Pregnancy
•    Men's health
•    Phytotherapy, the choice of efficiency

My certifications and affiliations
Aesculape school of Naturopathy

Qualified as a Naturopathic Practitioner from Aesculape, school of naturopathy in Aix en Provence in 2016.

FENA member school

Certified by FENA, the French Federation of Naturopathic SchoolsCertificate obtained from the FENA, further to control of knowledge exam in December 2016. The FENA is the quality reference for training in the profession of naturopathy in France.

Member of OMNES

OMNES is the Association of Professional Naturopaths.  In order to guarantee exemplary professional practice, ensuring compliance with a code of ethics, membership of OMNES  is a pledge of professionalism and ethical commitment.

“The profession of naturopath has something ancient, common sense, simple and lasting and comes from the teachings of Hippocrates.” Sandra Geslin 

Undergraduate training

Master of Arts (MA) honours degree in French and Management Studies from Glasgow University in Scotland (1989 to 1994)

“My goal is not to give a “patch” remedy but to act in depth and over time.” Sandra Geslin 
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