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About me

Sandra Geslin Naturopath English
My experience

I am qualified from the Aesculape School of Naturopathy in Aix en Provence, and a member of FENA, which is the Federation of French Schools of Naturopathy, which regulates the training of naturopathy schools in France.

I am insured and registered with OMNES, the Professional Association of Naturopaths which regulates the training and professional standards of naturopaths in France.

Initial consultation: 70€

Follow-up consultation: 60€

Call me for a no obligation chat if you would like further information or feel free to come and meet me.

“ The naturopathic profession has something ancient, of common sense, simple and enduring and comes from the teachings of Hippocrates.” Sandra Geslin 
Optimizing your health

As a bilingual English and French speaking Naturopathic Health Practitioner, I’d like to welcome you to my site.


Consultations in my clinic are relaxed and unhurried, available on evenings, weekdays and Saturdays.


My consultations are for people of all ages including children, teenagers, adults, pregnant women, and seniors. You may want to visit a naturopath as a preventative measure, for example to change your diet, optimise your health, change lifestyle habits and for your general well being. A naturopath also accompanies people with functional disorders or declared illnesses. Naturopathy may help with a wide range of disorders such as fatigue, sleep disturbance, stress, skin and digestive disorders.



The first appointment lasts about an hour and a half. I take the time to listen to your life story. A full history of your health is taken, including relevant lifestyle details and any treatments you may be taking. I also use iridology, which is the observation of the iris, the coloured part of your eyes to better understand influences to your health. A subsequent health plan, tailored to fit your health priorities, is then established which may include changes to your diet, exercise routines, occupation, leisure activities, together with relaxation and breathing techniques, management of emotions and natural herbal remedies. Follow up sessions last 1 hour where we look at how the plan fits and make any adjustments.

Foot reflexology

I also work with foot reflexology, which can be combined where appropriate, to a naturopathic health plan. I use pressure on the feet to rebalance other areas of the body. Reflexology is a gentle, relaxing therapy, which helps restore equilibrium. It is enjoyable for adults and children. Reflexology can relax and revitalise, improving your well being and reducing feelings of stress.

“ My aim is not to give a quick-fit but to act in depth, over the long term.” 
Sandra Geslin 

« After suffering for a number of years from gut problems which restricted my activities in a number of ways, I was advised to see Sandra Geslin-Mackay.  Not only did I find someone who took time to understood my problems, she also had great advice on how to solve them.  The improvement was rapid but this was not a quick fix.  This required a change of eating (and drinking) habits which has now become an eating lifestyle.  Everything Sandra recommended made sense. She took time to explain the complexities and was supportive and caring.  With Sandra you are in the hands of a competent and smart professional and I have recommended her to others. » Maryna

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